I am a Slytherin who loves Hufflepuffs~I'm nuts about Game of Thrones(obvious thing)~I'm in quite a lot of fandoms like GOT, Supernatural, etc.~I love metal/rock/that kinda music~Avenged Sevenfold, Motionless In White, and Marilyn Manson are a few of my favourite bands ~Please talk to me I don't bite, unless that's what it takes to get you guys to talk to me
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    when people think all  Raxacoricofallapatorians are Slitheen


    This gif isn’t mine.

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  • dennys:


    why does dennys have a tumblr

    why do you

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  • just my little onion here


    *holding a very tiny onion* just my little onion i am holding

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    this girl’s sense of humor is far ahead of her age

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    Old Scooby Doo Frames KILL ME

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  • batmanisagatewaydrug:


    Days of Future Past (2014)

    "Lol lates Raven"

    I know borderline nothing about the X-Men but this is the most hilariously casual thing I’ve ever seen in my life

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  • drickimaraj:


    "The queen of rap, slayin’ with Queen Bey"

    Nicki and Beyonce off to conquer Rome or something.


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  • Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.

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  • yaelstiel:

    They are killing me. [9.17]

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    this a real human heart after heartbreak. so sad :(

    that is a pomegranate.

    no this is a human heart after heartbreak can’t you read

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  • lordofthejohnlock:

    my celebrity crushes always start with “who the hell is this” and always turn into “that’s his right nostril I can tell”

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    The only acceptable birthday cake

    so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk

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